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How much are tickets?
With so many different events during the festival, there is no straight answer to that. For Masterclasses, tickets usually range from $20-$30. Satellite events vary so much that prices would be dictated on an event-by-event basis. Grand Tasting Hall Ticket prices have not yet been set for 2017. In 2016, tickets ranged from $47-$53. There will be a limited “Friends of Hopscotch” Spring pre-sale celebrating the 22nd birthday of The Hopscotch Festival. These very limited tickets will be $22/ea.

How do I get access to the pre-sale windows, discounted tickets and VIP events?
Easy peasy. All you have to do is join the “Friends of Hopscotch” mailing list, which you can do at anytime by clicking right here.

When is the pre-sale access code sent to the Friends of Hopscotch list?
Usually a day or two before the pre-sale window opens.

Do you sell designated driver tickets?
We do not have a different ticket available for DDs. We encourage designated drivers through and through and there are lots of activities and products to taste at the event that do not contain alcohol.

When can I buy tickets to the events?
All on-sale dates and times are listed on our ticketing page.

Do I need to print my ticket?
No. Barcodes on your phones are 100% sufficient.

What is included in the ticket price?
Masterclass tickets and Satellite Event tickets include admission, the product samples, and anything else described in the ticket event description. Grand Tasting Hall tickets include admission, souvenir tasting glass, connoisseur program/event app, access to hundred of product samples and free shuttle transportation from the event.

Are tickets refundable?
Hopscotch tickets are not refundable. Tickets are transferable and thus can be given away to friends or sold on 3rd party sites. We do not hold any responsibility for tickets bought or sold or given away or received privately as there is no way to trace them to the new buyer.

Is there a ticket limit?
Generally, no unless they are released in a pre-sale.

What is the ticket limit?
If there is a ticket limit, it is usually 8 per event.

How are tickets delivered?
Tickets are delivered by e-mail. Once you purchase your tickets, they should arrive momentarily in your inbox. If you don’t receive them, please use the contact form to let us know. Please include your order number and first and last name they were purchased under.

Are there ticketing fees and tax?
Yes. We use a 3rd party ticketing site and no one, unfortunately, works for free. The fees have been negotiated on and continue to be minimal. Regarding tax, only GST is charged on tickets.

Is there handicap access and parking?
Yes. You can park enter the venue in Gate 2 for handicapped parking. There are ramps where needed for wheelchair and more gradual ups and downs where necessary.

Are there volunteer tickets and how do they work?
We do offer tickets for volunteers to the event. If someone wants to work at the Friday Night Grand Tasting Hall, they can attend for free on the Saturday night. If someone wants to work at the Saturday Night Grand Tasting Hall, they can volunteer on the Friday night. The latter will require a deposit on the Friday ticket which will be returned to the volunteer once their shift on Saturday is finished.



Thank you Kelowna for what is now considered the "Best Hopscotch Yet". From the feedback we received, the products were right, the amount of booths was correct, the categorized section was a shit and good times were had.  See you next year!!!