Kelowna Product Description


After Dark Distillery

Monashee Mountain Moonshine - Lemonade

refreshing tarty sweetness. Perfect alone or some sparkling water to make a genuine hard lemonade

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Moonshine - Apple Pie

Not too sweet, perfectly spicy apple pie.

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Moonshine - Maple

It’s the most Canadian of the moonshines. Delicious rich maple syrup.

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Vodka

Rich and clean, right from the beginning through to the middle and a full bodied and round finish.

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Moonshine-Meghan's Mango Peach

Just a sprinkle of mango on a layer of fine mash finishing with a fine peach

  • 2 Tokens

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