Kelowna Product Description


After Dark Distillery

Monashee Mountain Moonshine - Lemonade

refreshing tarty sweetness. Perfect alone or some sparkling water to make a genuine hard lemonade

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Moonshine - Apple Pie

Not too sweet, perfectly spicy apple pie.

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Moonshine - Ginger & honey

Ginger & Honey have a smooth Ginger flavour in the front with a sweetness of Honey on the backside.

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Vodka

Rich and clean, right from the beginning through to the middle and a full bodied and round finish.

  • 2 Tokens

Monashee Mountain Moonshine-Meghan's Mango Peach

Just a sprinkle of mango on a layer of fine mash finishing with a fine peach

  • 2 Tokens



Thank you Kelowna for what is now considered the "Best Hopscotch Yet". From the feedback we received, the products were right, the amount of booths was correct, the categorized section was a shit and good times were had.  See you next year!!!