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The CMTTF is a bold, non-profit initiative designed to integrate, educate, celebrate and promote all facets of music therapy in this country. We have been fortunate in having many volunteers working to support our endeavors of providing services to those in hospitals, clinics and special schools, among many other sites.

Since 1994, with the help of the Canadian music industry, the Trust Fund has been able to distribute over $3.25 million to over 350 projects from coast to coast. These projects range from hospices for terminally-iII persons with cancer or HIV/AIDS, centres for the aqed, schools for children with autism or with physical and mental challenges and programs far street kids. It has also funded projects for women in prison, children who have been sexually abused, teens who are suicidal and people who are Isolated due to psychiatric problems.

Now more than ever, neuro-scientific, physiological and psychological research indicates that the impact of music on the brain, body and emotional life of a person is vital in rehabilitation and remediation. The CMTTF’s mandate is to demonstrate the effectiveness of the intervention of music therapy by piloting and supporting relevant, proven and transformative programs across Canada.

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